Weather Station

You will need a laser cutter of course. 40W or higher power.

Material: 1/8” baltic birch plywood, at least 12”x20” in size. I belive 8 sheets of this will be enough to build four louvre side panel assemblies.

Water reistant wood glue (Titebond III or similar)

At least 12 small spring hobby clamps, 16 or more is better though

Papertowels because glue is messy.

louvre_sides.svg – There are 4 parts cut from this SVG. Obviously the louvres fit into the slots to make one screen side. The blank pieces are to be glues with water-resistant wood glue to the outsides once the screen side is fully assembled. You will need to laser cut 4 complete copies of this for a complete screen.

louvres_x18.svg – This cuts 18 louvres. It is sized to fit a Full Spectrum 5th Gen laser which has a bed size of 12”x20”. You need 27 louvres for a single side, and 108 for a complete 4-sided Stevenson screen. So you need to cut 6 copies of this.

louvres_x9.svg – This cuts 9 louvres. Only use this if for some reason you plan to build just a single louvre panel. In this case, cut 3 copies of this to get the 27 louvres you need. Again, don’t use this if you are making all 4 louvre assemblies, use the x18 svg file above instead.

Louvre panel assembly is a bit like basket weaving. Give yourself plenty of time and maby have an adult beverage to calm the nerves. First lay down the louvre side on a table. Then populate all the slots with louvres. Once you have all the slots populated, lay the other louvre side on top. Starting at either end (does not matter which), slowly start pushing the louvres through the slots of the top side part. You will need to use one hand to hold down the louvre side as you continue working more louvres into their slots. The first one is the hardest, once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. Once you have all the louvres installed into all the louvre side slots, be vary careful. It will become a single rigit part at that point, but louvres can still pop out.

Glueing: lay out a couple papertowels on your worksurface, and extras for your hands. Take the blank louvre side and cover it well with a liberal coating of water resistant wood glue. I used a bit of folded papertowel to smear it around and completely cover the side. Then lay it on top of the side as shown. You MUST use clamps or else it will not bond properly and the sides will have an irregular widths which will doom your project in the next phase. Once you get one side clamped, turn the assembly over and sit it on the clamps. Repeat this step on the other side of the louvre assembly. Clamp this side too. I prefer doing both sides at once as I can make corrections to the assembly while the glue is still wet. Let the assembly dry for 24 hours or whatever your glue directs you to do.

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