How to Get Your Fine, Thin Hair to Look Volumized, Fuller and Thicker!

Fine hair is not necessarily thinning hair, but it can be fine hair that lacks substance and volume and lies extremely flat to the head. Unfortunately, most of advice on how to add body and volume to flyaway hair eventually leads to the hair shaft damage.

For example, spraying the roots with salty water to give it texture and ‘roughness’, is just asking for trouble and not practical.

The same applies to fine hair products like thickening gels which can also dry fragile hair and make it brittle. Bleached highlights will increase volume and texture, but the highlighted sections need a reliable shampoo to keep them in perfect condition.

There are so many products on the market that indicate they are the best for your individual hair type blonde bundles with frontal. Most of the time these claims are not precise enough and do not perform as they should especially the cheaper brands.

Permanent waves are once again popular for women and are perfect for giving root lift and general volume. Not always practical on an ongoing basis and not something I would recommend as it requires regular maintenance. When considering a perm make sure he/she is a reputable hairdresser who, specializes in permanent waves and use the right shampoo and conditioner.

Full head extensions and weaves are another popular hair thickening process although sometimes can prove too heavy causing breakage at the root level.

Fine hair hairstyles

There are many beautiful short hair styles and haircuts for thin hair that look stylish and desirable showing off the silky appearance to its best advantage. The perfect hairstyles are usually layered, short haircuts that are easy to ‘fluff up’ giving a convincing thickening effect.

My suggestion is to find a dry hair cutter, it wont be easy, but if you can find anyone in your city that cuts in this manner as a specific daily practice then you are more likely to get a perfect haircut.

Try towel drying your fine hair and instead of a conditioner you use in the shower try a spray leave in one which keeps it off your scalp where you don’t need it.

Thinning hair treatment

La Biosthetique is an established Hair and Skin Treatment company which has been providing women (and men) with fine hair products for 50 years. They have an excellent selection of ‘fine and fragile’ hair care products online, including specific hair growth treatment products. These products provide strength and volume without damaging the hair shafts – so you get a terrific thickening effect!

Scientific design – natural ingredients

La Biosthetique ‘Methode Stabilisante’ range is a scientifically designed array of products for thin, flyaway hair made from entirely natural ingredients, creating stronger hair you can wear in more voluminous styles and feel of fuller, thicker hair.

Pilvicure Shampoo Volume is a great shampoo for fine hair because it creates extra volume and strength. Pilvicure Shampoo Vital is a curly or fine hair treatment shampoo for fragile hair in need of attention which makes your hair feel beautiful and smooth with plenty of bounce!

Pilvicure Fluide ‘After Shampooing’, is a ‘leave-in’ treatment that penetrates deep inside the hair shaft with key, plant-based nutrients that helps improve the structure. This product is the Viagra for hair, it creates incredible volume when used properly.

Pilvicure Cream is a hair shaft treatment which improves texture and adds volume, so your hair is always easy to style!

First class

You don’t want to put harmful chemicals on your fine, delicate hair to get the thickening strength and volume you’ve always wanted. After all, La Biosthetique has been providing natural and effective Hair Treatment for 50 years, nobody lasts that long without providing superior products that actually work!

Unique hair needs particular attention and once you find yourself an expert cutter and product that work scientifically that’s as much as you can hope for.

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