Dubai Waterfront – A Dubai Property Development Guide

Described as “The worlds largest waterfront development in the worlds fastest growing city”, Dubai Waterfront is an extraordinary offering on an inconceivable scale.

Dubai Waterfront: The Dream

Slated to be larger than Manhattan and offering investors over 250 master-planned communities, Dubai Waterfront comprises of a conglomeration of islands and canals studded with luxury homes and hotels. This unprecedented property development Abu Dhabi architects will transform 1.4 billion square feet of barren desert into an international community of an estimated 1.5 million people. It is an ambitious project by all means, and one that will extend the Dubai coastline by an astounding 800kms, which by itself is 12 times the length of the existing Dubai coastline.

The sheer scale of this property development has already earned it a place in history as the largest man-made property development in the world.

Dubai Waterfront is the successful outcome of two years of stringent feasibility studies and meticulous work sessions by a consortium of world-renowned engineers, architects, consultants, planners and urban developers.

Dubai Waterfront: The Master Plan

The Dubai Waterfront is designed as a series of ten mixed-use zones, each of which is designated for a different purpose ranging from commercial and retail space to schools and residential as well as recreational areas. It will consist of 10km of canal, 7.5 miles or 12km of natural beachfront and a 2km wide harbor.

This colossal property development will encompass a new city center, anchored by Al Burj, one of the worlds tallest skyscrapers; exclusive luxury hotels and resorts; an underwater hotel – The Hydropolis, and a wide array of shopping centers, cultural arenas and entertainment venues.

Besides the high-end residential and business properties, the development will also offer a wide range of affordable housing options and a variety of accommodation for the Dubai working community. All of these come complete with a whole range of state-of-the-art amenities and services.

Additionally, the Waterfront project is also committed to setting up 5 square kilometers of coral reef and constructing multiple waterways and roads.

Dubai Waterfront: Minimizing Ecological impact

Minimizing ecological impact is of prime concern and this can be seen in every detail of the city’s construction, design and operation. Resource efficiency combined with social equity and economic prosperity are the foundation upon which the Waterfront has been designed.

Water and energy conservation goals have been achieved through a nifty integration of utilities in specially designed dedicated utility centers where the various process streams are interconnected and waste is converted into energy, which then powers the city.

Dubai Waterfront: The Location

Located on the western shores of Dubai, with the commercial hub of Dubai to its east and Abu Dhabi to its west, Waterfront is in close proximity to prime international commercial and industrial hubs, the Jebel Ali Free Zone, World Central airport and Jebel Ali Port. Its strategic location makes it easily accessible for local, regional and international trade purposes.

Dubai Waterfront: The Future

Right now just a vacant beachfront strewn with cranes, but when it is complete Dubai Waterfront will be a self-contained, self-sufficient community that is larger than Manhattan and capable of housing 700,000 people.

Will it, like other property developments in Dubai, be visible from space? It promises to be. One thing is for sure, the Dubai Waterfront property development is destined to claim a place among the other famous landmarks of the world.


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