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When Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was revealed, there was a certain amount of skepticism that it would tackle the entirety of Goku’s adult life. The sprawling martial arts anime epic clocks in at just shy of 300 episodes, and even after cutting out the filler, that’s a lot of story to adapt into a video game. But, sure enough, Kakarot tracks Goku’s adventures from the appearance of Radditz and the first utterance of the word “Saiyan” all the way through the final showdown with Majin Buu, letting players take control of not just Goku, but the whole principle cast of pointy-haired heroes.A picture is worth a thousand words, but watching almost 20 minutes of uncut gameplay is even better, so have a look for yourself:There’s a short quicktime event to reel the fish in, and another to karate-kick in directly in the face.

“IGN got some exclusive hands-on time with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, which dropped us into Vegeta’s unitard just prior to squaring off against Majin Buu’s first form. While this is fairly early in the Buu saga, it’s still a substantial way into the game’s campaign. This is after Vegeta has gotten down with his bad self and turned into Majin Vegeta, as you can tell by the M on his forehead, and his power level reflects this.

Prior to the climactic boss fight with the corpulent pink genie, I had a chance to explore the world a bit. I had a couple random encounters with Babidi’s low-level henchmen, which were easily dispatched with some of Vegeta’s trademark moves like Galick Gun and Final Flash.

After that, I had Vegeta fly over to a small village, where in addition to a handful of NPCs and shopkeepers, I came across a fishing spot in a small lake. After all, what better time to go fishing than when the fate of the entire earth hangs in the balance? It’s a simple minigame, where a line is cast, and after getting a nibble, there’s a short quicktime event to reel the fish in, and another to karate-kick in directly in the face.There are definitely plenty of RPG systems at play here, but Dragon Ball Z Kakarot feels firmly rooted in beat-’em-up sensibilities, which is just fine.

“The abundance of fishing minigames in Japanese RPGs might border on cliche at this point, but canonically, fishing holds a certain significance in the Dragon Ball universe. After all, the first living thing we ever saw Goku beat the crap out of was was a gigantic fish, just a few panels in the first volume of the manga.

Anyway, the point of this demo was to fight something much more fearsome than a fish: Majin Buu. Of course, Buu isn’t quite so fearsome in his first form, but any DBZ fan can tell you how much of a threat he is. After flying to a marker on the map and sitting through some hilarious dialogue between Vegeta, Babidi and the cuddly pink mass murderer, the battle began. There’s always a bit of a learning curve when dropped into the deep end of a game without having done any of the legwork up until that point, but figuring out the combat on the fly was simple enough.

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