Check-in ‘swing of death’ Bali Vietnamese version in Quang Binh

Now there is no need to take over the pearl island of Bali, Indonesia; Spending a large amount of money to check-in “gods …“, Vietnamese enthusiasts can also possess equally beautiful photos with the holy wooden swing right away. Quang Binh.

You will have the feeling of flying in mid-air while sitting on a swing Bali Swing at Zen Hideaway, Tegallalang, Bali.

This place is known as the place with the most dangerous swing in the world, visitors sit swinging in the air, tied with protective straps on people, underneath are mountain forests and green terraced fields. interrupt.

The feeling of adventure makes Bali Swing hotter than ever. (Photo: @isabellegrace)

Now, just visit the Wild Boar Eco Farm in Quang Binh, you can also try the wooden swing similar to “Bali swing” in Bali, Indonesia.

Going into operation a few months ago, the “goddess” of the Wild Boar Eco Farm in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang area is attracting a lot of visitors, the majority of young people and water guests outside to experience.

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