A New Era of DJ Midi Controllers – Some Cool Nice Flips on the Latest DJ Equipment

Djing can be one simple, easy and smooth task when you have the right gear at hand. Sometimes, it’s all about having the right equipment. And everything else just follows. As a DJ, there is an overwhelming responsibility to maintain the mood of your audience. Having all the advanced DJ software on the market today, we have seen the vast explosion Controladores MIDI of DJ Midi Controllers. Aside from the fact that it’s cool, it brings a whole new set of skills and upgrade to your Dj-ing drift and style.

Midi Controllers are definitely a must-have for a typical DJ — it will instantly bring you up to a whole new level. However, it doesn’t mean that you rely entirely on a midi. Merging what you know to what it can do can definitely create something to marvel at. This new technology will add more spin to your DJ gear especially if you’re not someone who would want to control music with CDs and turntables. DJ’s who use a little more of a “hands-on” feel are using these Midi controllers.

As the rave is on, Serato and Vestax actually joined forces in creating the Vestax VCI-300 with VFX-1 USB Digital Effects Unit. This is definitely the music system that makes internal mixing and platter style playback control go and attain high performance. They boast of their beat sync that comes with an auto tempo matching, Optimal Gain, BPM Calculation and unique awesome color waveforms that will surely not make you only sound cool but look cool as well.

There is a lot of fierce Dj equipment out in the market to dress up your spin gear. You just have to learn where to look for the right kind of stuff. You don’t need the super expensive equipment (although that can be a plus point) — just a few spin-offs and knowing the right combination will be enough to get you and crowd going all night long.


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