American Politician AOC Plays League Of Legends, Apparently

US politician and New York’s 14th congressional district representative lol Reddit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is apparently an avid fan of League of Legends, sharing her latest rank promotion on social media.

AOC posted on her Instagram Story that she recently reached Silver IV in Ranked Solo/Duo. She captioned the photo with “I did it,” followed by a blushing emoji. Silver IV is three tiers into LoL’s ranking system, with Unranked and Provisional, Iron, and Bronze coming before it. AOC’s photo was shared on the official LoL subreddit and her official Twitter account, with the founder of Spanish esports organization G2 Esports tweeting at her directly to visit the team in Berlin sometime.

Just last year, AOC stated she was “dusting off” her LoL account and was approaching Bronze V. She also said her mains are Miss Fortune and Morgana, though this was announced on Reddit over three years ago.

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