Choti Sardarni update, November 7: Will Sarab lose Param’s guardianship?

The most recent scene of Choti Sardarni starts with Nirja denouncing Meher for constraining Param to do skipping regardless of him declining to do as such.

Kulwant takes a gander at the notes which Jitu’s folks provided for her. She understands that these are similar notes she provided for the blackmailer as she kept in touch with certain numbers on them. She imagines that her little girl is presently setting out to defeat her mom.

The specialist tells everybody that Param needs total bed rest for two days as he has sprained his legs. Nirja discloses to Sarab that according to their understanding Param should win the challenge but since of his leg Choti Sardarni, he won’t have the option to take an interest in it which clarifies that she will get Param’s care.

Avtar prevents Nirja from documenting the authority papers saying that Meher Sarab still have one day. Nirja says that on the off chance that he is demanding so a lot of she will permit them daily more. Kulwant discloses to Bittu that his in-laws came and they have fixed his wedding.

She asks him who might he want to give his first wedding welcome. He takes Meher’s name. Kulwant approaches Amrita to begin the arrangements for setting off to Meher’s home. On the opposite side, Sarab is feeling crushed by the idea of Param leaving from him.

Meher demands Nirja and Avtar to not remove Param from Sarab as he won’t have the option to live without him. Nirja says that Sarab will endure a similar route as he did subsequent to losing his significant other, Simran.

Exactly when Meher and Sarab lose the entirety of their expectation, Kulwant lands to their salvage. She takes a gander at Param’s damage and fixes it utilizing the customary technique. Param hurries to his dad and says that his damage has been relieved and now he can participate in the challenge.

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