The Design itself Barely Impresses, Happily Leaning

This dizzying clutch of events is, of course, vowing to set trends for the spring/summer season but going by experience, this rarely ever happens. Anybody who can afford the hefty participation fees is allowed on to the catwalk and a phalange of self-declared critics, satiated with freebies and side-payments, happily pronounce the fashion to be ‘stunning’ on their social media platforms.

The design itself barely impresses, Buntoshopping happily leaning towards rip-offs from international runways, and clothes all look the same, with shoddy finishing and ghastly color combinations. Some respite may be provided by a small smattering of outstanding work but it is not enough to redeem the sheer number of fashion events cluttered through the calendar. In comparison, a single event — or at the most two — aspiring to present great fashion and boasting illustrious designer line-ups would have been far more constructive in taking fashion forward.There’s a lesson to be learnt here: too much of so-called designer wear erodes fashion’s lustre, leading to lower standards and nnui setting in. It’s sadly a lesson that Pakistan’s small fashion fraternity refuses to learn.

There’s hardly much chance of this happening, though. How will fashion councils get the chance to blow their individual trumpets should they choose to join hands for a single fashion week? How will channels throw their weight around with exclusive rights to a show should there be lesser events? How will designers get to stoke their egos as the brains behind an event should they choose to allow another to dictate to them?   Maheen Khan at FPW

Regardless, with hardly any new designers entering the fray, only a very small contingent is available to cater to these multiple shows. And this motley crew has its hands full with lawn, bridal orders and the challenging quest to churn out bonafide design.

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